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Call for a Computer Resources Administrator



The Computer Resources administrator shall have four tasks:

  • Installation and configuration of materials;
  • Installation configuration and management of the network;
  • Installation and maintenance of application software;
  • Installation, configuration and assistance to users of scientific software;
  • Technological development.

Installation and configuration of materials

The administrator shall receive computer and telecommunication materials, making sure they are compatible with the existing installations. He shall configure and parametrize them, to fit them into the network. This involves notably personal computers, servers, clusters and calculation grids and platforms

Installation configuration and management of the network

The administrator shall be responsible for the management of systems and networks. Consequently, he shall carry out the following tasks: installation, configuration, monitoring, performance analysis, assistance to users, detection and correction of faults, safety and help plans

Installation and maintenance of software

The administrator shall install and ensure the good functioning of application software: management of admissions, website, e-learning platform, multicore computer platform, Moocs platform…

Installation, configuration and assistance to users of scientific software

This task concerns scientific calculation software (scilab, ….), statistical calculation (R, ……..), civil engineering, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry and biology, bioinformatics, … . He trains and assists teachers and researchers, and students on the use of the software, and encourages the use of free software.

Technological development

The administrator has a technological development task and, in collaboration with the other CETIC engineers and technicians, defines the computer system renovation and extension scheme . for this reason, among other things, he carries out a permanent technological development that enables him to anticipate technological evolutions and informs the users of these evolutions. He also guides and assists users in the modernization of their working tools.

Deadline for the submission of application files: 30 September 2014

For any further information on CETIC: cetic.cm

Contact :  secretariat@cetic.cm

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