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In a bid to reach its objectives, CETIC intends, over the next four years, to finance 40 one-year post-doctoral scholarships at the rate of 10 scholarships per year.

Post-doctoral research scholarships are reserved for young Doctorate Degree holders aged at most 40 by 1 January of the year of application, who wish to contribute to development of one of CETIC’s research projects and to work in a university environment or in a research institution.

The post-doctoral fellow engages in full-time research in a host team under the supervision of a CETIC researcher. He may participate in all CETIC research or academic activities.


The duration of a post-doctoral scholarship in CETIC is one year renewable once. However, a scholarship lasting more than 9 months but less than 24 months may be awarded.

Post-doctoral practicum shall begin no later than 1 January of the following year, depending on the year of publication of the scholarship offer.

Eligibility condition

Any researcher who is holder of a Doctorate/PhD since less than 5 years may apply for a post-doctoral scholarship at CETIC.

Women and international applicants (non-Cameroonians) are strongly encouraged

Reception of post-doctoral scholarship winners

The post-doctoral fellows retained shall have the status of contract researcher and shall be entitled to a monthly pay package of CFAF 300 000.

Post-doctoral fellows may conduct gainful teaching and supervision activities at CETIC. The weekly volume of work shall not exceed 6 hours, beyond which any additional activity of the kind shall be subject to prior authorization.

The post-doctoral fellow shall be incorporated into the research team of his research supervisor and shall, in the performance of his research work, be entitled to the same facilities as full researchers.

At the end of his stay, each post-doctoral fellow shall submit a report on his(her) research activity, a balance sheet in respect of their initial project and specify his(her) professional objectives. In the case of a stay exceeding one year, the candidate shall draw up a mid-term report justifying the continuation of the scholarship beyond the first year.

Submission of candidate applications at the CETIC website

Applicants are requested to complete the application form to which they shall attach in PDF format the following documents:

  1. a curriculum vitae and a form to fill(Download form to fill for Post Doc english)
  2. a list of publications with an indication of the database wherein each of them is indexed (ISI, Scopus, ERA, …);
  3. a description of the research project that should dovetail with a CETIC research project (about two pages);
  4. a soft copy of thesis.

Applicants are also requested to solicit from qualified persons the following recommendations to be sent by e-mail to : secretariat@cetic.cm.

  1. two letters of recommendation by lecturers/researchers that furnish in-depth assessment of the work and research capabilities of the applicant;
  2. a letter of support from the envisaged research supervisor at CETIC; the said letter shall especially specify how the applicant’s research project dovetails with that of the host team;
  3. a letter of recommendation by thesis supervisor.

Method of selection

After assessment by experts, selection shall be by a jury constituted pursuant to the procedure in force.

Obligations of post-doctoral fellows 

Post-doctoral fellows shall be required to meet the following obligations:

  1. Full-time research activity (at least 40 hours of physical presence per working day)
  2. Participate in outreach activities (seminars, conferences, scientific workshops, …)
  3. Institutional commitment: participate in a project on research-development, conception and/or online posting of course materials …
  4. Draft a half-yearly activity report describing the activities conducted during the semester and indicating how such activities are consistent with the project initially submitted alongside the candidate application.
  5. Comply with the “CETIC Researchers’ Charter”


2014 Schedule

August 2014: call for applications on the CETIC website.

A mail acknowledging online receipt of the candidate application shall be addressed to the applicant.

30 October 2014: closing of candidate applications at 24:00 (TU+1 ).

15 November 2014: Publication of results

Deadline for assumption of duty by successful applicants: 1 January 2015

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