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Masters Degree


The programs offered at Masters level for the academic year 2014-2015 are:

1. Mechatronics with one speciality:

2. Computer Science and Telecommunications with three specialities:

3. Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing with four specialities

Other programs shall be created in partner institutions in 2015/2016.
In each Master’s stream, Semester 1 shall be for core training and Semester 2 shall obligatorily end with a two-month internship and Semester 4 shall be devoted to a six-month internship and the writing of a dissertation. Excellence in pedagogy shall be achieved through constantly improving quality evaluation and improvement procedures, with the prospect of international certification of the training programs.
CETIC is developing a pedagogic hosting and training policy for young lecturers. In addition to senior lecturers, students shall benefit proximity supervision by Post-doctorate fellows and Tutors (graduate doctorate fellows).

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