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The African Center of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies (CETIC) is a training and research center created within the National Advanced School of Engineering of the University of Yaoundé I by the Government of Cameroon with the assistance of the World Bank. It is made up of a network of partner and associate institutions in Africa and outside the continent. It also pools lecturers from academic and professional institutions in Cameroon, in the sub-region and in prestigious institutions across the world. Female candidates and international students (non-Cameroonians) are strongly encouraged.

Vision An Africa where development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is interconnected with sustainable development challenges in the interest of all.

Missiondevelop pioneering training and research programs to satisfy market demand for expertise in ICTs, and support the production of high value-added and strongly competitive electronic services that contribute to Africa’s emergence.img_20140331_151831

General Objective Establish a network of institutions that pools top-flight lecturers/researchers and professionals to implement ICT training and research programs to prepare young and talented students to become architects of change.

Master’s and Doctorate/PhD Programs offered for 2014/2015Information Technology and Telecommunications with three options: Software Engineering, Management of Information Systems, Networks and Telecommunications. Mathematical modeling and scientific computing with four options: industrial mathematics, mathematical modeling of information transport, mathematical biology, mathematical modeling for economy and finance. Mechatronics with a single option: Embedded Electronic Systems. Other programs shall be created in partner institutions in 2015/2016.

In each Master’s stream, Semester 1 shall be for core training and Semester 2 shall obligatorily end with a two-month internship and Semester 4 shall be devoted to a six-month internship and the writing of a dissertation. The first year of doctorate studies shall entail two Semesters of course-work as well as specialty and research methodology seminars with evaluation at the end of the second Semester. Excellence in pedagogy shall be achieved through constantly improving quality evaluation and improvement procedures, with the prospect of international certification of the training programs.

CETIC is developing a pedagogic hosting and training policy for young lecturers. In addition to senior lecturers, students shall benefit proximity supervision by Post-doctorate fellows and Tutors (graduate doctorate fellows).

Research PolicyResearch activities are aimed at three major fields of application with priority on health : e-services for health/agriculture/biology/environment; e-services for infrastructure/ Mining/Water/Energy; e-services for Governance/Education/Business/Information/Communication. A research program deals with projects identified following open calls, and implemented by a team of about ten researchers, doctorate and post-doctorate fellows, led by junior researchers.

Partner and Associate Institutions Universities : EPFL, Buea, Nsukka, Cheikh Anta Diop, Abomey Calavi, Parakou, Burundi, Kinshasa, N’Djamena, Yaounde II, UPAC, UCAC, Kara, Douala, Maroua. Research institutions : Inria, IRD, Lirima, Ummisco. Higher education institutions: Ens-Bretagne, ENSIMAG, ISMANS, ENSPTT, ENSTP. Sector partners : CAMTEL, ANTIC, CCIM, ITG-Store, CAD Skills Center.

Governance CETIC is implemented under the supervision and control of: Follow-up Committee (Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Higher Education), Steering Committee chaired by the Rector of the University of Yaoundé I, and an International Scientific Council. CETIC’s executive comprises a Coordinator, a Lead Researcher assisted by an assistant as well as by stream and option coordinators.

Important dates Students : closing date for applications : 5 September 2014. Interviews: 15 – 16 September 2014. Research projects : submission deadline : 30 September 2014. Reopening date : 27 October 2014.

Contact:  secretariat@cetic.cm

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