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Call for a Mechatronics Lab Administrator



The Mecatronics Laboratory and Optical Fibre Administrator shall have the following tasks :

–      Mounting/dismantling, assistance to users and maintenance of scientific equipment;

–      Follow up of the functioning and maintenance of support equipment;

–      Technological development.

Mounting/dismantling, assistance to users and maintenance of scientific equipment

The administrator shall carry out the following tasks:

–      Mounting of project models I mecatronics and transport by optical fibre;

–      Follow up of good functioning, maintenance and assistance to teachers and researchers and students for scientific equipment: pneumatic and hydraulic compressors, rotating machines, laboratory machine tools, robots, conveyor belts, JOB master’s industrial bench…

Follow up of the functioning and maintenance of support equipment

The administrator shall see to the good conditions and the maintenance of the following equipment:

–      Camera surveillance systems;

–      Cabling section of the computer network in relation with the computer resources administrator;

–      Air-conditioning and ventilation system;

–      UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system: inverters, generators.


Technological development

The administrator has a technological development task and, in collaboration with the other CETIC engineers and technicians, defines the renovation and extension schemes of the mecatronic systems and optical fibre. For this reason, among other things, he carries out a permanent computer development enabling him to anticipate the technological evolutions and to make these evolutions known to the users he guides and assists in the modernization of their working tools.

II – Required skills

The administrator should be a generalist, industrial computing, EEA or electromechanical conception engineer (or holder of an equivalent certificate). To this effect, he must have sound knowledge in mechanical engineering, electricity, lelectrotechnology, electronicsautomation, general physics and computer science.


Deadline for the submission of application files: 30 September 2014

For any further information on CETIC : cetic.cm

Contact :  secretariat@cetic.cm

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