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Research Policy


1-Research Themes

The overall objective of research at CETIC is to promote research/development for electronic service production (e-services) responsive to major development challenges facing Africa today.

These challenges can be grouped under three programs that encompass the following closely-related application themes:

  1. E-services for Health-Agriculture-Biology-Environment
  2. E-services for Infrastructure-Mining-Water-Energy
  3. E-services for Governance-Education-Business.

Implementation of these programs calls for interdisciplinary collaboration requiring, within the larger family of Information and Communication Technologies and Sciences (ICTS), top-notch scientific and technological tools of CETIC disciplines also adopted for Master’s and Doctorate/PhD training :

  1. Mathematical modeling and scientific computing
  2. Information technology and telecommunications
  3. Mechatronics

The flagship application of research conducted at CETIC concerns the development of methods and tools for mathematical and computer modeling and mechatronic engineering to improve the public health system. To this end, CETIC researchers are currently working with such partners as National Programs for combatting pandemic diseases as well as Centre Pasteur, to design and deploy epidemiological surveillance platforms. This requires mechatronics expertise for environmental data recording with sensors, telecommunications for transfer of collected data, information technology for software, statistics and data mining for processing data with a view to establishment a warning system, mathematical epidemiology for analysis of longer-term developments mindful of human interactions and mobility. Thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise at CETIC, we intend to develop other health-related research themes such as Biomechanics, telemedicine and digital simulators that could be used to train ophthalmological surgeons, for instance.


2-Organization of Research

CETIC’s modus operandi shall be by open invitation to project-teams equipped with top-notch scientific tools for solving specific problems. A project-team shall be composed of a small number of (about ten) lecturers / researchers and doctorate students. Its lifespan shall be four years and there shall be a mid-term evaluation (after two years). Each project-team shall give Master and Doctorate lectures in its specialty and shall, from the start, be bound to have end-users of the e-services envisaged as strategic partners and co-sponsors.

CETIC’s support to project-teams shall be in three forms: subvention for basic functioning (research missions and scholarships for doctorate students) deriving from Program For Result (P4R) resources provided by the World Bank, information on international bid invitations through subscription with Research Africa, and constitution of consortiums to apply for structuring funding by major international research sponsors like the Global Fund to fight HIV-Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.


3- Call for Project Team is launched
Dowload the Form to submit a Project Team

Deadline for Submission : 30 September 2014


4- List of reference journals (SCOPUS) recommended by the African Center of Excellence (ACE)

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